Nicole Cooper

Nicole Cooper

Nicole Cooper

My name is Nicole Cooper, I am 19 years old and am fortunate enough to have been born and raised in the beautiful San Diego, California with so many photographic opportunities for me to explore. Currently a student at San Diego Mesa Community College which fortunately is so close to the beach that I venture there to shootd the surf in between classes. The ocean is my home and I try to capture it in all its beauty in my photography. When I’m not at the beach, you can find me hiking or at home hanging out with my dog, Salty, who also loves jumping in the ocean.

I view photography as a way to capture moments and communicate emotions. I love capturing images that make people think and feel. My goal is to have everyone who sees my photographs be inspired to go out, explore and appreciate the world we live in at least a little bit more.

How did you get into photography? From all the time I've spent growing up at the beach I've tried surfing and after many attempts I figured out that surfing isn't exactly for me, but capturing the stoke of the surfers around me is. I have always been fascinated by photography and the power images can hold as well as the power of the ocean.

Where is your favorite place to shoot? I have two favorite spots to shoot. The first is practically my backyard and that's pacific beach. I love getting out on the pier and being close enough to the surfers to practically talk to them. I also love shooting here because it is a relaxed place and everyone is always so positive, happy and friendly, you can really interact with the surfers. My second favorite place to shoot is a bit further and that's Cardiff beach. I love shooting here because I can get great angles and everyone really goes after it.

Favorite photograph taken? I don't have a favorite photograph because it's always changing. The photographs are always so different especially between different surfers. I can find something good in just about every photo; even wipe outs are interesting to me because it's a part of the progression of a surfer.

Favorite surfer to shoot? I couldn't choose just one in particular, I love change and being challenged so I guess you could say my favorite is the surfer I haven't photographed yet.

Favorite Surf trip? I did take a road trip all the way up to San Francisco the summer of 2015, and seeing the polarity from the surfers in my hometown and the surfers in San Francisco was really interesting. I love traveling and can't wait to explore more!

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