Joanne O'Shaughnessy

I am a New Jersey-based photographer specializing in surf, lifestyle, coastal, and travel photography.

My photos have been published in several magazines including Eastern Surf Magazine, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, Platform Tennis Magazine, and SMF magazine. They have also been published in a book on Hurricane Sandy - "Superstorm Sandy October 29, 2012", The Coast Star and Ocean Star Newspapers, and several surf calendars. 

My photos have been run as features in The Inertia and Surfline online sites. They have also appeared on the following web sites: ESPN, Surfer, Surphang Magazine, Slide Magazine, Eastern Surf Magazine, Surfbang, Photocircle, Jersey shore Hurricane News, and NYNJSurf. com.

Sam Hammer 's bomb at Bay Head, NJ. Photo:  Joanne O'Shaughnessy

Sam Hammer's bomb at Bay Head, NJ. Photo: Joanne O'Shaughnessy

   I have been shooting photos since I was 14. I am 51 years old and graduated from Quinnipiac University. My past full-time work was as a consultant for various IT companies including; Lucent, AT&T, and Sun Microsystems. After quitting my last IT job in 2006, I have been able to devote more time to photography.

I grew up in Rockaway Beach, NY, and later moved to New Jersey and have lived along the Jersey Shore since. My love of waves and the beach was a natural draw to shoot surfers and all things coastal. I first started shooting my husband Matt and his friends surfing. As time went on, I would travel around NJ shooting random surfers at different breaks. Eventually I started working with other surfers and started submitting photos for publication.

My favorite place to shoot? My home break of Bay Head, NJ. The waves just fire there in the winter. New Jersey can get some sizable surf, unfortunately, most of it is in the winter months and it can be brutally cold for shooting. Hurricane swells in NJ can be awesome in late summer and Fall.

My favorite photo? That is a tough one. Since I mentioned Bay Head being my favorite break, I might as well go with this shot of Sam Hammer going left on a bomb. This photo was taken during what is referred to as "The Doomsday Swell" of December 21, 2012. This was the day that the ancient Mayan prophecy predicted that the world would end. Well, the world didn't end, but this was a massive swell that occurred less than two months after our area was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Homes and beaches were obliterated, but this swell came and stoked surfers and anyone that saw it.

Favorite surfer to shoot? In New Jersey I really like shooting Clay Pollioni. He is a tremendous backside barrel rider. My favorite longboarder to shoot is Tony Silvagni. 

Past Surf Trip? My husband and I travel to Puerto Rico a few times a year. I've always managed to come back each trip with some good surf photos. Other surf trip destinations have included: Australia, Hawaii, Bali, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Italy. I am going back to Nicaragua this coming July and have plans to return to Australia next year.

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