Wilko goes 2 from 2

Ding dong!

A photo posted by Matt Wilkinson (@mattwilko8) on

After two outstanding victories for Matt Wilkinson on the first two stops of the WSL tour, he is sitting comfortably in the drivers seat with his yellow jersey on. 


Since claiming an impressive maiden victory on the East Coast at the WSL stop Snapper Rocks, Wilko has pushed on to gain his second consecutive win of the year. 

High winds and huge swell provided a tricky platform for the Australian 27 year old, yet he managed to keep his head and showcase his sublime talent through his massive top turns. 


Global goofy footers will be pleased with Wilkinson's success, as it’s been 17 years since the goofy talent of Mark Occhilupo rang the bell. 


Check out some of our shots of the competition from our Surfiety photographer Tom Terlaak along with WSL highlights of the entire event. 





Do you think he has what it takes to claim the title? Let us know what you think below!