SurfEars 2.0 - Product Review

Continuing on our path to providing the latest and greatest recommended gear for our readers, we set out on testing one particular product in the popular Surf Earplugs market, with competitors fighting for a market share through new sound allowing innovation. So without further ado, we took to the water to test out the SurfEars 2.0, and where better to test a product's efficiency than a blustery afternoon in the North Sea.

Product and Packaging; The SurfEars 2.0 arrive is crisp packaging with all the hallmarks of a quality product. Tear open the packaging and inside you will find your own hardened zip-able carry case along with clip to easily take the plus to and from the beach. A classy start.

Feel; Via their famous ergonomic design, the SurfEars tend to sit nicely within the ear (depending on if you have your sizing right). So much so, that within around 30 minutes of our session I found myself forgetting they were there. In addition, several sizing options come with interchangeable parts with every order to allow for all sizes of ears for young and old.

Durability; As we were told, the 2.0 has been dealt a serious upgrade in the durability of the SurfEars, and once again it didn't disappoint. After a few heavy wipeouts between us with one resulting in a face full of sand, the ear plugs stayed well placed and strong within the ear, regardless of the initial feeling of falling out. Worth mentioning is the added extra of the adjustable band/strap that comes with each pair to ensure that on the rare occasion that one may fall out, they are secured round your neck.

Sound; One of the key selling points of the SurfEars 2.0 is of course their ability to allow sound in whilst keeping water out. We were all eager to put this to the test and so positioned ourselves a good 5 - 10 metres whilst sat waiting for a set and attempted one of ‘those’ line up conversations. “Nice wave bro..”, “Thanks man.. First section was nice, but screwed the cutback to reach the second”, “Yeah, I thought you overshot it”…. Eureka, we have coherent conversation! The sound I would describe as slightly muffled and lower, but neither of us were straining to catch each other's wave descriptions.

Protection; Following a three hour session amongst three of the team, several wipeouts, tens of duck dives, and hours of poor conversation, not one of us encountered any water leakage into our ear canals. Having studied the product afterwards, the three layered sections for blocking water seemed to work seamlessly. The outside layer stayed wet, with only the smallest drop of water visible on the other two and nothing at the canal end of the plug. Bravo.

Conclusion; The clear market leader in this field, and there’s a reason why. After getting over the initial feeling and adjustment in your ears, the sound it allows in means that conversation in the line up is still possible whilst not one drip of water managed to creep into our ears after a long and blustery three hour session. Having tried numerous ear plugs over the years, the SurfEars provide a classy feel from the moment you open the crisp packaging to your last wipeout, whilst maintaining their unique selling points - dry ears and sound. Retailing around €49, if you look after the product (with provided carry case), they would be a long term investment due to the durability. Well worth the purchase with the 2.0’s doing exactly what we have come to expect from the premium plug makers over at SurfEars.