Surf Films With A Difference - Circle In the Rock

The big surf film of last year was John John Florence's 'View From A Blue Moon'. It was a big budget, bombastic surf film that filled the pages of every surf mag out there, from Byron to Oahu. An advertising triumph for Hurley (now owned by Nike) it showed surfing in a way that we hadn't previously seen. Even if it wasn't your style, or you dislike it's corporate roots, it was unmistakably a masterpiece. For me, we crowded into a mates living room at university to sit wide eyed as John John hung in space for what seemed like a solid 20% of the feature length movie.

'Blue Moon' wasn't the only piece of ridiculous surf film making released last year however, there were plenty more, perhaps most notably those featured in Oneill's 'Unreasonable Film Festival'. For many these four six slipped below the radar, but trust us, they're worth seeing. For the next six weeks we will be reviewing each of the films entered into the film festival.

Which brings us to the first film in the series - 'Circle In The Rock' - the longest in the six film series at ten minutes and easily the most alternative. It's a short story that to some extent resembled Christopher Nolan's 2002 film 'Memento', confusingly following the story of a man who keeps losing his memory. As the longest of six films its strange that it features pretty much no actual surfing, however it still is able to capture a feeling that resonates, something we can't quite put our finger on.