Fresh Art

Humphrey Dettmer is carving a new path through street influenced artwork with his own unique approach involving stencils and spray paint. He is constantly experimenting with new techniques and has a dynamic range within his portfolio. The depressing and upsetting reality behind the darker meanings of his animal influenced paintings are beautifully counteracted by the vibrant and psychedelic colouring of his pieces. This dude has raw talent with deeply embedded messages reflected in his creativity and sincerity for global issues of poaching.


I caught up with him at his exhibition at the Old Truman Brewery in London last weekend, where he spoke about his approach towards his art and the meaning behind all of the animal prints. In his own words, "Poaching has been a major issue in Africa through history and i have dedicated my project to raise awareness of the impacts resulting from poaching combined with the beauty and grace of the animals targeted. Their natural beauty speaks for itself but the addition of spray paint and vibrant colours is my way of expressing the domination man is having on nature. The corruption and corrosion caused by globalisation will continue to destroy our environment if something is not done to prevent it, with 35,000 african elephants killed last year alone this is incredibly unsustainable. I have devoted my creations to the preservation of wildlife and exemplifying the beauty of life and death."






 What really grabbed our attention was his innovation for enthusiastic and kooky surf and ski artwork. He is able to create a whole range of different prints on commission. The imaginative concepts which Humphrey produces come from both the intricate complexities of his deeper messages, to the simplest of fun surf and ski photos. He's able to put his style onto any form of print that someone would like. This would work really well with any of the incredible photographers out there who are either associated with The Surfiety/ClubSnow or somebody who loves his style! 


Check out his website, Etsy page here for more of his work and his instagram which showcases most of his incredible artistry 



For commissions and enquiries, contact him directly via or link in with him on direct message (DM) on his Instagram, website and etsy page. 




*** COMING SOON - new development that he will be experimenting with is surf board customisation so watch this space! ***