Cape Fear - I can't believe what I just watched


We all knew Cape Fear had the potential to be one of the most unique and crazy competitions in the surfing calendar, but no one could truly predict the scenes that would unravel at the Red Bull sponsored competition this year. 



The monstrous waves pilled into the local Sydney break on the southern side of Botany Bay at Cape Solander. 16 brave invitees took to the waves, throwing themselves into the incredibly challenging waves showing both courage and talent. Luckily only one injury occurred during the competition from Justen Allport, after a mammoth wave left him with a blow to the head and a slightly battered shoulder. Thankfully he was discharged later that evening, what a hero. 


After two days of pure insanity, the 18 year old young gun Russell Bierke came out on top of what can be called the craziest event ever held. Congrats Russell!


Enjoy the ridiculous highlight reel below