Another sign UK surf is taking off…

Watergate Bay at it's finest. Cornwall, UK

Watergate Bay at it's finest. Cornwall, UK

It has been a steady rise to prominence for the UK and Ireland surf scene. Often going unnoticed in the world of professional surfing alongside more famous European spots in mainland France, Spain and Portugal. However, it does just seem things are slightly changing, with a whole batch of new competitors coming out of the UK and with surfers from all around the world now travelling from far and wide to sample some of the big wave spots the UK and Ireland have to offer. 

As a further indication of just how far the surf scene has come here in a short time, Newquay, Cornwall has been chosen as the location for a brand new competition on the professional surfing circuit. The event, to be called Surfaced Pro, will feature some of the World’s best surfers battling it out at the Extreme Academy at Watergate Bay, and due to be held during the weekend of 16-17th April and will be the first stop on the UK Pro Surfing Tour. With equal prize money for male and female winners, the organisers are looking to encourage equal participation in order to attract surf fans of all ages and levels.

It’s an exciting prospect for the UK, as the event looks to become one of the biggest competitions on these shores. We are thoroughly looking forward to it, and you should be too!


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