[INTERVIEW] Introducing Carv; The awesome Ski wearable. An interview with the man behind the Machine!

Struggling to nail those blacks? Feel like your technique could do with some guidance? We’ve discovered the perfect new ski gadget for you. Introducing, Carv.

While there are many ski monitors that can track your performance, Carv is the first of its kind that will tell you where you are going wrong, and speak you through your technique, as you launch yourself down the mountain.

Carv became a worldwide phenomenon after a video of its technology went viral, gaining over 1.8 million hits on YouTube. The success of the video meant that its kickstarter campaign received over five times its target budget and it quickly became the most hotly anticipated new ski toy of 2016.

We sat down with the inventor of Carv, Jamie Grant, and he told us a bit more about the innovative device...

Hi Matt, congratulations on smashing your Kickstarter target, and your recent viral success! Could you tell us a little more about yourself and the people behind Carv?

I have a bachelors+masters in Physics (Oxford) and a PhD in Financial Economics (Imperial College London). I met my co-founder (Pruth Reddy) whilst at Imperial. Pruth holds a bachelors+masters in Mech Eng but has a passion for software. I started skiing quite late at uni, but had a season in Whistler 08/09 and got the bug.

What gave you the initial idea for Carv?

Pruth and I originally worked on an app called Lines. The app gives you points for your skiing technique. We’ve had reasonable success with the app through partnering with university trips. However, the sensors in smartphones weren’t enough to fully assess technique. To fix this we came up with the idea for Carv.

Do you plan to take the same concept into the Snowboarding world?

Yes! The hardware easily fits into snowboard boots. However, we need more time to develop the software for snowboarding. We hope to do this over the 16/17 season before launching a snowboarding version. Writing software for any sport requires a lot of discussions and test with coaches, instructors and athletes. We’ve already done this for skiing, but we need to go through the whole process again for snowboarding.

We have seen the rise of the wearable in sport a lot recently, do you think it is a matter of time before we start seeing top level performers using wearables such as Carv during competition to analyse performance?

We have already worked with some of the world’s best athletes (For instance, Filip Flisar – current World Champion in ski cross) so you won’t have to wait too long! We plan to have Carv fully integrated in training for athletes over the coming season. Unfortunately, the (FIS) regulations for ski racing don’t permit skiers to use electronics during competitions. If this changed it be possible to have data overlays during races etc.

Have you thought about goggle integration for Carv to display real time data about your skiing? 

We are looking into this but I cannot give any more details right now – stay tuned!

What challenges have you faced in developing Carv, and what challenges lie ahead?

We had issues finding a cheap way to measure pressure under the foot. In the end we had to develop our own sensor.

When is Carv available to the public, and where can I buy it? 

If you want to get hold of Carv for the 16/17 season then you need to back our Kickstarter campaign. Be quick as the campaign is ending at Thursday March 31st @ 10pm BST! We aim to have Carv widely available for the 17/18.

Everyone here in the office absolutely loves Carv, and we can't wait to get our hands on one. What has been your most satisfying part of developing this superb product?

I found great pleasure in watching Kickstarter video go viral (1.8+M views), after a lot of hard work to get it to that stage. Go check it out and see what all the fuss is about. Be quick as it ends Thursday March 31st @ 10pm BST!

Well there it is folks - the changing face of Winter Sports is about to get a serious upgrade.

Carv can be found here at kickstarter.com with the campaign finishing in little over 2 days time. Order your Carv now to have it in time for the ’16/17 season. You certainly won’t regret advancing into the future of skiing!