A surf camp?? It could be yours....

A surf camp?? It could be yours....

Some may say there are few things better than a beachside hammock and the lure of a regular morning surf... Well, how about several beautiful bedrooms, in a fantastic boutique surf camp in front of one of Sri Lanka's best breaks?! 

The chance of a lifetime.... TO OWN YOUR OWN SURF CAMP!!

An exclusive beach front surf camp in Ahangama, Sri Lanka is becoming available to purchase from May 2018. The camp is currently a well-established business offering surf and yoga lessons to an international customer base. If you are interested in this opportunity, please get in touch directly with the owners Anji and Lee by email at . The owners will retain the brand of their camp but are looking to sell the whole business, including furnishings and surf equipment.

The Location

Sri Lanka is one of the most up and coming surf destinations in the world and this camp is smack bang in the middle of the action. The country has surfing all year round with two main surf areas – The East Coast, and the South West coast, the location of this beach front property. The season in the South West runs from October through to the end of April with the peak months running from December through to March.

The Property

"The wonders of view.."

"The wonders of view.."

The beach front property includes 2 villas overlooking the water on 70 perches of land. Here there’s also a restaurant and café which also attracts outside guests due to the surf spot. At full capacity, the camp can accommodate 22 guests. The owners have been in Sri Lanka for over a decade and have created excellent partnerships with the locals, meaning any transition would be much easier than starting from scratch.

Surfing Spots

Guests of this area are spoilt for choice when it comes to surfing spots. Not many camps are able to lay claim to an almost private intermediate reef break right in front of the property. Due to the lack of hotels on the stretch, it rarely gets as busy as other spots in the area and works in most conditions. Midigama spots such as Lazy Left and Rams are just a stone’s throw away and beginners have the options of the beach breaks Kabalana (5 mins) and Weligama (10 mins). 

Still interested? Contact for more information... (and keep doing those sums - how many friends would it take to 'chip in'.....?!)

The Zillertal Experience: The Review


Guiding with  @monemosberger  |  The nicest guy in the valley!

Guiding with @monemosberger | The nicest guy in the valley!


  • Enormous resort with something for everyone
  • Reasonably priced compared to France and Switzerland
  • Lively nightlife and lots of action in Mayrhofen and a more exclusive feel in Hochfügen
  • All year skiing on the Hintertux glacier
  • Especially enjoyable with flexibility of having a car
  • Delicious Austrian food at family run restaurants

In collaboration with the Zillertal tourism board, Club Snow spent 5 days in this booming holiday destination in the Tyrol region of Western Austria. Although many of you may associate Zillertal with the lively nightlife of Mayrhofen and the famous Snowbombing festival held there every year, you may not realise just how diverse this part of Austria is. Comprised of numerous ski resorts crammed within a 30 mile stretch of the valley, the area boasts an incredible 179 lifts and 515 kilometres of piste! So, whether you are a seasoned back-country skier or still finding your feet, it’s fair to say that you’ll find plenty of options adapted to your needs.

What sets Zillertal aside from other large resorts is without a doubt the way the locals go about their business. I was amazed to hear that despite the area containing over 50,000 visitor beds, not a single hotel chain has managed to buy property and set up here. Almost every guest house, hotel and restaurant is family owned and many have been around for several generations. This connection and respect for the region and its visitors is best seen in the fair prices charged by business owners. Almost all menus, even in the mountain huts, have an option for less than ten euros, and with beers and mulled wine averaging between 3.50 and 5 euros, you can enjoy your holiday even more!


If you have purchased a Zillertal Superskipass, the use of a vast network of ski buses is included in the price. This means you can try out the numerous resorts included in your pass during your stay. For info regarding getting around by bus, check out this link: . If you are situated in the central location of Mayrhofen, using the buses is quick and easy. However, if you are a little further away from the action, the easiest way to get around is by car, with all resorts in the region providing free parking right next to the lifts!


Given the fact that Zillertal has over 50,000 beds to choose from, you are quite frankly spoiled for choice. The most traditional Austrian experience would be to stay at a traditional Pension, a family run B&B. If you have something a little more luxurious in mind, we can recommend Hotel Eder in Ramsau ( There’s nothing better than a dip in the jacuzzi or an alpine herbal sauna after a hard day’s skiing! If you are looking for a place to stay, we recommend the tourist board’s booking site, as a lot of hidden gems don’t have their own website. As a tip, if you are flexible regarding dates, it’s worth ringing the individual tourist offices last minute and asking about free rooms. Depending on the time of year you can get some great deals.


If wide empty pistes are your thing, then we recommend the Mayrhofen-Hippach region. Take the cable car up from either Mayrhofen or Hippach and you will find slopes for all abilities. Test out your speed in the new “Racing Paradise” with 3 timed giant slalom courses at piste number 15. If you like it wild, the 78% decline of the Harakiri is the steepest slope in Austria. If you can, wait for the sun to shine on the mountain before heading down as it can get very icy! If all of this sounds a little too challenging, don’t worry. There are loads of gentle, wide blue runs more suited to beginner’s or kids. If you want to beat the crowds, we recommend getting the skibus to the Hintertux glacier, one of the only places in the world with year-round skiing. This is where many national skiing teams put in their summer training. So if you fancy a summer trip to the mountains with a couple of days’ skiing as an added bonus, this is the place for you!


If you feel comfortable on challenging black runs, we highly recommend taking your skiing to the next level by trying backcountry skiing. Get away from the hustle bustle of the crowds and lifts and make your mark on untouched powder. Our guide Bernhard set up his own freeride skiing school in Zillertal and specialises in sharing the best spots in the region with his guests Be prepared to work up a sweat to reach the best spots but the view is always worth it! If you’re already an experienced back country skier, head to Hochfügen – A resort which specialises in freeride snow-sports.


Aside from the reasonable pricing of food in the region, the local restaurants have plenty of tasty regional fare on offer. If you’re in Austria for the first time, a Germknödel is a must try. This fluffy yeast dumpling has a jam filling and is served with custard and a sprinkling of poppy seeds. If you’re thirsty, the Austrian national drink Almdudler, a herbal lemonade, is perfect for sunny days outside a rustic hut. Our personal tips for eating in the area include the Schneekarhütte , an actual working farm in the shape of a pyramid with unbelievable mountain panoramas. Additionally, the Metzgerwirt in Laimach offers traditional Austrian cuisine with a modern twist. 


Airports nearby:

  • Innsbruck (50km)
  • Munich (170 km)
  • Salzburg (150km)


  • Get up early! If you’re an early riser, make sure to get up the mountain as soon as possible. You will beat the crowds at the cable car and spend the first hour practically by yourself!
  • With the large 150 person cable cars, they don’t set off until they are full. So If you see an empty cable car, wait 5 minutes in the fresh air. You will thank me later.
  • Take an early or late lunch! Especially when the weather is bad, the huts can get very crowded. The locals will often

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more reviews and travel pieces on the On The Road section of our website at 

The Wolffepack Summit - the ultimate snowsporters backpack

How many times have you found yourself wrestling with your backpack in the ski lift queue, hurriedly trying to remove it before you are scooped up by the chairlift? Too many times! Well thankfully that is a problem of the past.

Blue skier 1-2.jpg

Introducing the innovative creations of Wolffepack, a backpack company that have created bags to adapt to all sporting and outdoor adventures. Following the successful release of three sporting backpacks, the team have created the ultimate backpack for snowsports lovers, the Summit.

As well as featuring a hydration bladder sleeve, a fleece-lined goggle pocket and a ski-carrying system, the Summit’s killer design allows you to swing your bag round to the front of your body without unstrapping, making life a lot easier when it comes to hopping on those skilifts. 

This new piece of equipment allows skiers and snowboarders to grab their gear from their backpack without even stopping, which means less time waiting at the top of the mountain and more time carving up those slopes. 

Want to get your hands on this cool new backpack? Or just support Wolffepack with in their amazing journey? Head over to the company’s kickstarter page to pledge now!

Fresh Art

Humphrey Dettmer is carving a new path through street influenced artwork with his own unique approach involving stencils and spray paint. He is constantly experimenting with new techniques and has a dynamic range within his portfolio. The depressing and upsetting reality behind the darker meanings of his animal influenced paintings are beautifully counteracted by the vibrant and psychedelic colouring of his pieces. This dude has raw talent with deeply embedded messages reflected in his creativity and sincerity for global issues of poaching.


I caught up with him at his exhibition at the Old Truman Brewery in London last weekend, where he spoke about his approach towards his art and the meaning behind all of the animal prints. In his own words, "Poaching has been a major issue in Africa through history and i have dedicated my project to raise awareness of the impacts resulting from poaching combined with the beauty and grace of the animals targeted. Their natural beauty speaks for itself but the addition of spray paint and vibrant colours is my way of expressing the domination man is having on nature. The corruption and corrosion caused by globalisation will continue to destroy our environment if something is not done to prevent it, with 35,000 african elephants killed last year alone this is incredibly unsustainable. I have devoted my creations to the preservation of wildlife and exemplifying the beauty of life and death."






 What really grabbed our attention was his innovation for enthusiastic and kooky surf and ski artwork. He is able to create a whole range of different prints on commission. The imaginative concepts which Humphrey produces come from both the intricate complexities of his deeper messages, to the simplest of fun surf and ski photos. He's able to put his style onto any form of print that someone would like. This would work really well with any of the incredible photographers out there who are either associated with The Surfiety/ClubSnow or somebody who loves his style! 


Check out his website, Etsy page here for more of his work and his instagram which showcases most of his incredible artistry 



For commissions and enquiries, contact him directly via or link in with him on direct message (DM) on his Instagram, website and etsy page. 




*** COMING SOON - new development that he will be experimenting with is surf board customisation so watch this space! ***


Surf Films With A Difference - Endless Ocean

The Oneill 'Unreasonable Film Festival' series continues with 'Endless Ocean' narrated by and featuring Jordy Smith. It is absolutely incredible how director Oliver Wurfell manages to create something completely new and original in a mere 1 minute and 37 seconds. You'll be confused and then unbelievably impressed, a simple twist of medium has created a new piece of surfing art. This is true innovation, and unmistakably majestic.


Surf Films With A Difference - Circle In the Rock

The big surf film of last year was John John Florence's 'View From A Blue Moon'. It was a big budget, bombastic surf film that filled the pages of every surf mag out there, from Byron to Oahu. An advertising triumph for Hurley (now owned by Nike) it showed surfing in a way that we hadn't previously seen. Even if it wasn't your style, or you dislike it's corporate roots, it was unmistakably a masterpiece. For me, we crowded into a mates living room at university to sit wide eyed as John John hung in space for what seemed like a solid 20% of the feature length movie.

'Blue Moon' wasn't the only piece of ridiculous surf film making released last year however, there were plenty more, perhaps most notably those featured in Oneill's 'Unreasonable Film Festival'. For many these four six slipped below the radar, but trust us, they're worth seeing. For the next six weeks we will be reviewing each of the films entered into the film festival.

Which brings us to the first film in the series - 'Circle In The Rock' - the longest in the six film series at ten minutes and easily the most alternative. It's a short story that to some extent resembled Christopher Nolan's 2002 film 'Memento', confusingly following the story of a man who keeps losing his memory. As the longest of six films its strange that it features pretty much no actual surfing, however it still is able to capture a feeling that resonates, something we can't quite put our finger on. 


Deus Nine Foot & Single


The Nine Foot & Single Men's Invitational was the highlight of the event held by Deus Ex Machina in Bali last May 28, 2016.

With a solid swell pumping in Bali, the Pererenan Right in Canggu gave the earlier rounds a wild start. Then, just before the semi-finals started, the conditions cleared up and offered perfect combination of tough but fun waves - huge and clean right handers with a variety of sections for the participants to show off their skills: a solid drop, a nice barreling section, steep walls for nose riding, and a hackable section at the inside for a strong finish.

Jared Mell, Josh Constable, Jye Byrnes, and Harrison Roach charged the finals. All of them surfed using their self-shaped logs which were all as beautiful and elegant as their surfing.

Cape Fear - I can't believe what I just watched


We all knew Cape Fear had the potential to be one of the most unique and crazy competitions in the surfing calendar, but no one could truly predict the scenes that would unravel at the Red Bull sponsored competition this year. 



The monstrous waves pilled into the local Sydney break on the southern side of Botany Bay at Cape Solander. 16 brave invitees took to the waves, throwing themselves into the incredibly challenging waves showing both courage and talent. Luckily only one injury occurred during the competition from Justen Allport, after a mammoth wave left him with a blow to the head and a slightly battered shoulder. Thankfully he was discharged later that evening, what a hero. 


After two days of pure insanity, the 18 year old young gun Russell Bierke came out on top of what can be called the craziest event ever held. Congrats Russell!


Enjoy the ridiculous highlight reel below


Time Well Spent - The surf trip that keeps giving…

Time Well Spent, is an inspiring documentary about four young men from different challenging backgrounds of pain and hardships that have found refuge in the ocean. They embark on a life-changing journey together through Panama riding some of the best surf of their lives, but more importantly learning that they can give back to others and make a difference.


 'I believe that your past does not define your future and for these four boys it is so true. They have written their own stories and came out on top from very difficult odds.'    -James Fazio (director/producer)

We managed to catch James Fazio, the director and producer of Time Well Spent to ask him a few questions.


So James, what was the main motivation behind the project?

Well, when I was 13-years-old I had a rare blood disease that almost took my life. It changed the way I viewed things and I realized that I wanted to make a difference in this world and give back to others. As my wife and I traveled and worked in different countries, we began to meet some amazing boys who came from very difficult pasts that found their healing in the ocean through surfing. Not only did they find their healing, but they killed it in the water, too. [laughs] They ripped. We wanted to give them a trip they’ve always dreamt of and our hope was to also give them a life-changing experience that showed them how much worth they truly have.

Tell me a little bit more about the four young surfers?

Kross Brodersen is 18-years-old and from the Big Island of Hawaii. Kross and his family had some tough times growing up. They lived out of their car and couch-hopped for most of his younger life. His dad did his best to raise and take care of the family, but certain unfortunate events kept making things not work out. Kross began surfing and found that he could put all his energy and thoughts into the ocean and he’s found a new heart from this trip, wanting to spend the rest of his life helping and inspiring others that they are worth more then they can imagine.

Declan Bradley is 17-years-old and from Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australia. Declan had a fairly normal childhood growing up near the coast and surfing with his dad, until his life was turned upside down when his father committed suicide. For a long time Declan couldn’t really find his way back to the ocean to surf, but he finally did. Since then, he has been surfing, skating and learning how to move forward after such a difficult event.

Yeferson Bellido, 24-years-old from San Bartolo, Lima, Peru. Yeferson ran away from his home at the age of 10. His mother and father had split at a young age and his father worked away often, which left Yeferson home alone to fend and provide for himself. When his father was home he would beat him. Yeferson had enough and he ran away to Lima in search of his mother. He was forced to live on the streets of Lima making ends meet by singing on buses and getting hand-outs while sleeping in the slides of playgrounds. Later Yeferson found his way into an orphanage ran by an amazing woman that became like a mother to Yeferson and many other children. There, Yeferson learned to surf and since then you couldn’t get him out of the water. Yeferson has ambitions as a competitive surfer, but even more so he has ambitions for his education, which he is currently studying to become an architect while helping things run at his old children’s home.

Henry Mcalvany is 17-years-old from Bali, Indonesia. Henry currently lives in a Children’s Home in Bali, where he moved to when he was 7-years-old after some traumatic events that left him on the streets with no food or education. After fending for himself on the streets, Henry was placed into the children’s home he currently resides in. It was there that Henry discovered his passion for surfing and sports, and eventually, he wants to become a businessman.

You managed to do some pretty amazing work during the trip, overall, what was your favourite part of the project?

I think one of our favorite parts to the trip was seeing the joy on the boys faces. Whether that be after pulling out of one of the best barrels of their lives or giving clean water to families after living with out it. It was so awesome to see them smile from cheek to cheek and feel honored to be a part of it.

Did you have any worries or difficulties during your trip?

I think it was a little stressing for us in general. Promising a life changing trip for these boys and then figuring out how to deliver that. A little pressure there for sure, but all in all in the end, everything worked out great and even when things were out of my control, I knew they would all work out to benefit the boys.


Any funny or unexpected experiences during the trip?

One classic moment was when the boys got to meet Taj Burrow and Dion Angus. There was a delivery truck stuck in the sand out where we had just finished surfing. So, we pulled over to try and help them push it out. We gave it a good four tries, but the thing wasn't budging. Right when we were going to give it one last try, a black truck pulled up to us and a group of guys started jumping out to start pushing. Then I realized on the left side of me pushing was Taj Burrow. So I tapped Yeferson on the shoulder and told him and he didn't understand what I said. Right then he looked over my should and started to freak out. All the groms started amping and Taj was super cool about it, asking the boys how the surf was today and how they're doing. It was an epic moment and everyone, including myself, were fully frothing on seeing the boys and pusing a truck out of the sand with them. Legends!

Now for the big question…who ripped the most?

I know it sound like a cop out, but each one of the boys were the best in each area. Declan by far had the best barrels of the trip. Kross was through down the best airs of the trip and Yeferson was smooth as butter and always consistently ripping. We need to get the guy on tour. He's a machine!


To contribute and be part of this incredible project click here.

Instagram - @timewellspentdoc 

SurfEars 2.0 - Product Review

Continuing on our path to providing the latest and greatest recommended gear for our readers, we set out on testing one particular product in the popular Surf Earplugs market, with competitors fighting for a market share through new sound allowing innovation. So without further ado, we took to the water to test out the SurfEars 2.0, and where better to test a product's efficiency than a blustery afternoon in the North Sea.

Product and Packaging; The SurfEars 2.0 arrive is crisp packaging with all the hallmarks of a quality product. Tear open the packaging and inside you will find your own hardened zip-able carry case along with clip to easily take the plus to and from the beach. A classy start.

Feel; Via their famous ergonomic design, the SurfEars tend to sit nicely within the ear (depending on if you have your sizing right). So much so, that within around 30 minutes of our session I found myself forgetting they were there. In addition, several sizing options come with interchangeable parts with every order to allow for all sizes of ears for young and old.

Durability; As we were told, the 2.0 has been dealt a serious upgrade in the durability of the SurfEars, and once again it didn't disappoint. After a few heavy wipeouts between us with one resulting in a face full of sand, the ear plugs stayed well placed and strong within the ear, regardless of the initial feeling of falling out. Worth mentioning is the added extra of the adjustable band/strap that comes with each pair to ensure that on the rare occasion that one may fall out, they are secured round your neck.

Sound; One of the key selling points of the SurfEars 2.0 is of course their ability to allow sound in whilst keeping water out. We were all eager to put this to the test and so positioned ourselves a good 5 - 10 metres whilst sat waiting for a set and attempted one of ‘those’ line up conversations. “Nice wave bro..”, “Thanks man.. First section was nice, but screwed the cutback to reach the second”, “Yeah, I thought you overshot it”…. Eureka, we have coherent conversation! The sound I would describe as slightly muffled and lower, but neither of us were straining to catch each other's wave descriptions.

Protection; Following a three hour session amongst three of the team, several wipeouts, tens of duck dives, and hours of poor conversation, not one of us encountered any water leakage into our ear canals. Having studied the product afterwards, the three layered sections for blocking water seemed to work seamlessly. The outside layer stayed wet, with only the smallest drop of water visible on the other two and nothing at the canal end of the plug. Bravo.

Conclusion; The clear market leader in this field, and there’s a reason why. After getting over the initial feeling and adjustment in your ears, the sound it allows in means that conversation in the line up is still possible whilst not one drip of water managed to creep into our ears after a long and blustery three hour session. Having tried numerous ear plugs over the years, the SurfEars provide a classy feel from the moment you open the crisp packaging to your last wipeout, whilst maintaining their unique selling points - dry ears and sound. Retailing around €49, if you look after the product (with provided carry case), they would be a long term investment due to the durability. Well worth the purchase with the 2.0’s doing exactly what we have come to expect from the premium plug makers over at SurfEars.


Leo Taillefer with a bumpy ride in Val D'Isere. Latest edit dropped today..

The squawking crow man from Val D'Isere never ceases to amuse us here at ClubSnow HQ... There are few skiers out there who can match his downright hilarity when taking on some of the gnarliest lines in world famous resort Val D'isere..

This morning, Leo posted his latest from a fruitful line of videos for the Skier.. After a win in the GoPro line of the Winter for February, he's back with what he describes as a "Bumpy ride".. I think you'll see what he means.

Incredible highlights package of the Suzuki Nine Knights!

An absolutely massive highlights package dropped from South Tyrol following the Nine Knights, featuring; some of the world’s best skiers and snowboarders; two world records; insane airs; insane tricks. Enjoy five minutes worth of highlights from the 2016 edition of Suzuki Nine Knights, featuring the “Perfect Hip.” Watles Ski Resort, in South Tyrol, Italy, will never be the same again…

That's one way to do it... Watch how Blaine Gallivan Entered Jackson Hole’s Corbet’s Couloir

One thing is for sure - Blake Gallivan has some huge Cojones. Corbet's Couloir in Jackson Hole is notorious amongst hardened skiers for being a pretty tough line at the best of time. I guess if you're in Gallivan's head, the best way to do away with any sort of jump turns is to hit the entrance at the same pace as the nearby mountain tram and video the whole thing for a GoPro Line of the Winter entry. 

Enjoy his calculated madness and respect the man behind the lens!

Wilko goes 2 from 2

Ding dong!

A photo posted by Matt Wilkinson (@mattwilko8) on

After two outstanding victories for Matt Wilkinson on the first two stops of the WSL tour, he is sitting comfortably in the drivers seat with his yellow jersey on. 


Since claiming an impressive maiden victory on the East Coast at the WSL stop Snapper Rocks, Wilko has pushed on to gain his second consecutive win of the year. 

High winds and huge swell provided a tricky platform for the Australian 27 year old, yet he managed to keep his head and showcase his sublime talent through his massive top turns. 


Global goofy footers will be pleased with Wilkinson's success, as it’s been 17 years since the goofy talent of Mark Occhilupo rang the bell. 


Check out some of our shots of the competition from our Surfiety photographer Tom Terlaak along with WSL highlights of the entire event. 





Do you think he has what it takes to claim the title? Let us know what you think below!

The eery but awesome world of black Powder... Like nothing you've seen before.

One year ago, skiers Nicolas Vuignier, Sampo Vallotton and Florian Bruchez got together for a one-of-a-kind park shoot. Using multiple natural pigments and powders, the crew hit a series of features, releasing black ochres as they sent ‘er. Today, the crew is happy to present the impressive project, dubbed PBK1.

“This is a project I’ve had in the back of my head for quite some time,” says skier Nicolas Vuignier. “Having seen other filmmakers experimenting with natural pigments, I knew there was room for another visually interesting experiment. In April 2015, I gathered a few riders and experienced photographers to perform this conceptual clip, in which skiers release black ochres while taking off, leaving ephemeral trails behind them as they fly.”

Give PBK1 a watch and keep your eyes peeled for a “making of” video, dropping soon.

[INTERVIEW] Introducing Carv; The awesome Ski wearable. An interview with the man behind the Machine!

Struggling to nail those blacks? Feel like your technique could do with some guidance? We’ve discovered the perfect new ski gadget for you. Introducing, Carv.

While there are many ski monitors that can track your performance, Carv is the first of its kind that will tell you where you are going wrong, and speak you through your technique, as you launch yourself down the mountain.

Carv became a worldwide phenomenon after a video of its technology went viral, gaining over 1.8 million hits on YouTube. The success of the video meant that its kickstarter campaign received over five times its target budget and it quickly became the most hotly anticipated new ski toy of 2016.

We sat down with the inventor of Carv, Jamie Grant, and he told us a bit more about the innovative device...

Hi Matt, congratulations on smashing your Kickstarter target, and your recent viral success! Could you tell us a little more about yourself and the people behind Carv?

I have a bachelors+masters in Physics (Oxford) and a PhD in Financial Economics (Imperial College London). I met my co-founder (Pruth Reddy) whilst at Imperial. Pruth holds a bachelors+masters in Mech Eng but has a passion for software. I started skiing quite late at uni, but had a season in Whistler 08/09 and got the bug.

What gave you the initial idea for Carv?

Pruth and I originally worked on an app called Lines. The app gives you points for your skiing technique. We’ve had reasonable success with the app through partnering with university trips. However, the sensors in smartphones weren’t enough to fully assess technique. To fix this we came up with the idea for Carv.

Do you plan to take the same concept into the Snowboarding world?

Yes! The hardware easily fits into snowboard boots. However, we need more time to develop the software for snowboarding. We hope to do this over the 16/17 season before launching a snowboarding version. Writing software for any sport requires a lot of discussions and test with coaches, instructors and athletes. We’ve already done this for skiing, but we need to go through the whole process again for snowboarding.

We have seen the rise of the wearable in sport a lot recently, do you think it is a matter of time before we start seeing top level performers using wearables such as Carv during competition to analyse performance?

We have already worked with some of the world’s best athletes (For instance, Filip Flisar – current World Champion in ski cross) so you won’t have to wait too long! We plan to have Carv fully integrated in training for athletes over the coming season. Unfortunately, the (FIS) regulations for ski racing don’t permit skiers to use electronics during competitions. If this changed it be possible to have data overlays during races etc.

Have you thought about goggle integration for Carv to display real time data about your skiing? 

We are looking into this but I cannot give any more details right now – stay tuned!

What challenges have you faced in developing Carv, and what challenges lie ahead?

We had issues finding a cheap way to measure pressure under the foot. In the end we had to develop our own sensor.

When is Carv available to the public, and where can I buy it? 

If you want to get hold of Carv for the 16/17 season then you need to back our Kickstarter campaign. Be quick as the campaign is ending at Thursday March 31st @ 10pm BST! We aim to have Carv widely available for the 17/18.

Everyone here in the office absolutely loves Carv, and we can't wait to get our hands on one. What has been your most satisfying part of developing this superb product?

I found great pleasure in watching Kickstarter video go viral (1.8+M views), after a lot of hard work to get it to that stage. Go check it out and see what all the fuss is about. Be quick as it ends Thursday March 31st @ 10pm BST!

Well there it is folks - the changing face of Winter Sports is about to get a serious upgrade.

Carv can be found here at with the campaign finishing in little over 2 days time. Order your Carv now to have it in time for the ’16/17 season. You certainly won’t regret advancing into the future of skiing!